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  Human Resources Management – in Switzerland and abroad
  High-performance, smooth-running human resources management is one of the keys to corporate success. Yet the term HR management refers to a very broad area – and the terrain is often rough.
Aczenta International GmbH   
  The workflows involved in HR management are both varied and complex. ACZENTA International GmbH offers professional support in all areas of HR management, and knows which paths to take.
is your compass  
  As a company with operations around the world, ACZENTA International GmbH has a wealth of knowledge about economic, legal and social conditions in different countries. An international network ensures that we meet the highest standards.
in the world of HR management
  With a comprehensive service and personal care, ACZENTA International GmbH supports you in all your HR management matters. Put your staff in good hands. Find personnel in Switzerland and throughout the world, to work anywhere in the world. Give your expatriate staff the security they need. Improve and enhance HR procedures in your company.