Project Management Consultancy

Project Management Consultancy: We Support You Worldwide

ACZENTA has extensive international experience in the provision of multidisciplinary consultants in the areas of management, engineering, and technology – for international clients and for short- and long-term deployment.

We provide you with highly qualified consultants and even entire teams that accompany your projects in all phases with expertise and efficiency. From planning, construction, and commissioning through to operation, production, maintenance, inspection, and controlling.

To this end, we recruit suitable specialists for the specific country – and we do so within 72 hours. As a globally active company, we also have expertise with regard to legal provisions and the social and economic conditions in the countries of deployment.

Sector Foci

  • Construction of infrastructure: railways, dams, roads, tunnels, etc.
  • Energy: renewable energies and fossil fuels
  • Transport and logistics
  • Industry in general
  • Information technology (IT)
  • Mechanical engineering and metal construction
  • Petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Offshore industries
  • Marine industries

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