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Position title Reihenfolge umkehren
Work location Reihenfolge umkehren
Posted Reihenfolge umkehren
Lead Instrument & Control Engineer Martinique 04.11.2017
Project Manager (Bridge Design & Construction) Nepal - Kathmandu 01.11.2017
Project Manager (Mountain Roads Construction) Nepal, Kathmandu 01.11.2017
Operations & Maintenance Manager Iraq - Basrah 01.11.2017
Foreman & Mechanics Gas Turbine major inspection UAE 05.10.2017
Security Architect Raum Zürich 26.09.2017
Bently Nevada System Engineer (Field) UAE 24.08.2017
Instrument & Automation - Electrical Engineer Austria 11.08.2017
Lead Mechanical Engineer (Piping, Valves & Fittings) Austria 11.08.2017
Lead Electrical Engineer Germany and Austria 11.08.2017
Process Engineer Germany 11.08.2017
Project Engineering Manager Austria 11.08.2017
Cost Estimator - Equipment/Benchmarking & Validation Germany 11.08.2017
Operations & Maintenance Manager India 25.07.2017
Maintenance Coordinator India 25.07.2017
Contracts Engineer / Quantity Surveyor Civil/Industrial Buildings Oman 22.06.2017
Drilling & Grouting Expert Middle East 15.06.2017
Piping & Mechanical Superintendent UAE - Abu Dhabi Greater Area 08.06.2017
Onshore Pipeline & Mechanical Supervisor UAE - Abu Dhabi Greater Area 08.06.2017
Offshore Pipeline Installation Supervisor UAE - Abu Dhabi Greater Area 08.06.2017
Field Planning Engineer Iraq - Basrah 30.05.2017
HSE Engineer LOTO Coordinator Azerbaijan 28.04.2017
Risk Based Inspection (RBI) & Corrosion Specialist Iraq - Basrah 19.04.2017
Control Room Operator Iraq - Basrah 04.04.2017
Duty Electrical Iraq - Basrah 04.04.2017
Duty Instrument Iraq - Basrah 04.04.2017
Duty Mechanical Iraq - Basrah 04.04.2017
Electrical Technician Iraq - Basrah 04.04.2017
Instrument Technician Iraq - Basrah 04.04.2017
Mechanical Technician Iraq - Basrah 04.04.2017
Compressors Maintenance Supervisor Iraq - Basrah 16.03.2017
Construction Material Controller Oman 10.03.2017
Piping Prefabrication Workshop Superintendent Kazakhstan 24.02.2017
Transmission Lines Construction/Erection Supervisor UAE 20.02.2017
Electrical Construction Superintendent Azerbaijan 20.02.2017
Heavy Lift Supervisor Russia 20.02.2017
Mechanical Construction Supervisor Egypt 20.02.2017
Ammonia Technology Manager Wever, USA 20.02.2017
Commercial Manager Russia 20.02.2017
Laboratory Technician Iraq 30.01.2017
Dam drilling and grouting expert Middle East 28.01.2017
Engineer HW/SW Switzerland 27.01.2017
Civil Laboratory Technician/Engineer Middle East 27.01.2017
Construction Equipment Supervisor Russia 23.01.2017
Quantity Surveyor E&I Russia 23.01.2017
Quantity Surveyor Piping Russia 20.01.2017
Lead Electrical Engineer - Site Supervisor (Owner's side) Morocco 17.01.2017
Mechanical Engineer / Site Supervisor Morocco 17.01.2017
HVAC Supervisor Azerbaijan 16.12.2016
Insulation & Painting Supervisor Azerbaijan 09.12.2016
LNG Project Manager Houston, USA 06.12.2016
Sales Manager Czech Republic 06.12.2016
Project Engineering Manager Czech Republic 06.12.2016
Construction Mechanical Completion Coordinator Netherlands 06.12.2016
Construction Electrical Supervisor Netherlands 06.12.2016
Painting & Insulation Superintendent (construction) Kazakhstan, Tengiz 22.11.2016
Civil Engineer (Dam Driling & Grouting) Middle East 17.11.2016
Mechanical Construction Supervisor UAE 15.11.2016
Construction Mechanical Superintendent - Piping Russia 15.11.2016
Construction Mechanical Supervisor - Piping Azerbaijan 15.11.2016
Heavy Duty Mechanic Peru & Mexico 02.11.2016
Project Controls Manager (infrastructure / Civil Works) Kazakhstan 28.10.2016
Construction Manager (Plant clusters) Kazakhstan 27.10.2016
Project Manager (Plant clusters) Kazakhstan 27.10.2016
Construction Manager Mechanical Erection Kazakhstan 27.10.2016
Civil Engineer Dredging works Kazakhstan (Caspian Coast) 27.10.2016
Civil Construction Supervisor On-shore UAE 17.10.2016
Instrumentation Supervisor The Netherlands 17.10.2016
Steel Structure Supervisor Russia 17.10.2016
Instrumentation Construction Superintendent Azerbaijan 17.10.2016
Construction Superintendent/Dty Construction Manager Chile - Conception (500 km from Santiago) 12.10.2016
Commissioning Manager Chlor-Alkali Plant UAE 01.10.2016
Rotating Equipment Preservation Eng. (Hitachi Machinery) Iraq 01.10.2016
Compressor Preservation Engineer (Hitachi Machinery) Iraq 01.10.2016
Site Control Manager Egypt 26.09.2016
SmartPlant Material Management Operator the Netherlands 21.09.2016
Electrical Construction Superintendent - Buildings UAE 21.09.2016
Heavy Lifting Supervisor UAE 21.09.2016
Machinery / Rotating Equipment Installation Supervisor UAE 21.09.2016
Mechanical Construction Completion Coordinator UAE 21.09.2016
Mechanical Construction Supervisor - Static Equipment UAE 21.09.2016
Quality Construction Engineer (Civil Inspector Off-shore Clusters) UAE 21.09.2016
Construction Steel Structure Superintendent UAE 21.09.2016
Mechanical Construction Assistant - Onshore Pipeline UAE 21.09.2016
QA-QC Manager Pipeline Scotland 16.09.2016
Cost Control Leader Italy 14.09.2016
HSE Construction Engineer The Netherlands 14.09.2016
Commissioning Instrument Superintendent Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia 10.09.2016
Electrical Engineer UAE 08.09.2016
Civil Superintendent (Port & Cargo Offloading Facilities) Kazakhstan (Caspian Coast) 22.08.2016
Project Manager Water Treatment Recovery Plant Kazakhstan 22.08.2016
Engineering Manager Water Treatment Recovery Plant Kazakhstan 22.08.2016
Procurment Manager Water Treatment Recovery Plant Kazakhstan 22.08.2016
QA/QC Manager Water Treatment Recovery Plant Kazakhstan 22.08.2016
Civil Superintendent (Cargo Storage / Tanks) Kazakhstan (Caspian Coast) 22.08.2016
Pipeline Supervisor Offshore UAE Onshore Technical Office 17.08.2016
Civil Construction Superintendent (Camp Accommodation) Kazakhstan 17.08.2016
Procurement Manager Kazakhstan 12.08.2016
On the Job Training Coordinator (OJT) Electro-Instrumentation Iraq - West Qrna, South region, west of Basra (safe area) 04.08.2016
Senior HSE Engineer / Pipelines Off-shore UAE 03.08.2016
Contracts Administration Engineer (subcontracts) Egypt 01.08.2016
Civil Construction Superintendent Russia 29.07.2016
Mechanical Construction Superintendent Russia 29.07.2016
QA-QC Manager (experienced in Boilers & Piping) Egypt 29.07.2016
Instrument Maintenance Engineer (Leave Rota 35:35) Basrah (Zubair Oilfield Centre) Iraq 26.07.2016
Commissioning Board (DCS Panel) Operators UAE near Abu Dhabi 23.07.2016
Commissioning Shift Supervisor (Gas processing plant) UAE near Abu Dhabi 23.07.2016
Site Manager Egypt 19.07.2016
Construction Material Controller Das Island, UAE 12.07.2016
Valves Maintenance & Overhaul Engineer Iraq - Majnoon field (South region near Basrah) 10.07.2016
Construction NDT & Welding Inspector The Netherlands 07.07.2016
Civil Work Supervisor (Camp Accommodation & Facilities) Kazakhstan 30.06.2016
Site Manager Das Island, UAE 29.06.2016
Operation Shift Supervisor Wever, USA 29.06.2016
Civil Engineer Das Island, UAE 24.06.2016
Junior Accountant Malaysia 20.06.2016
Commissioning Manager (Refinery) Cameroun 15.06.2016
Deputy HSE Manager Russia 15.06.2016
Contracts Manager Iraq Basra 14.06.2016
Construction Civil Supervisor Russia 13.06.2016
Mechanical Completion Coordinator Russia 08.06.2016
Construction Welding Engineer Russia 08.06.2016
Subcontracts Administration Manager Azerbaijan 08.06.2016
Construction Quality Manager Das Island, UAE 07.06.2016
HVAC Engineer Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia 02.06.2016
Senior Site Planner Egypt 27.05.2016
Construction Manager Pipelines On/Off-shore UAE 20.05.2016
HSE Environmental Supervisor Malaysia 19.05.2016
Operations / Commissioning Manager Russia or Central Asia 17.05.2016
Site Control Manager Egypt 17.05.2016
Workshop Manager Kazakhstan 13.05.2016
Quantity Surveyor the Netherlands 29.04.2016
Commissioning Machinery Supervisor Saudi Arabia 21.04.2016
Construction Quality Manager Russia 20.04.2016
Construction Material Assistant - SmartPlant / MARIAN Operator Russia or Azerbaijan 20.04.2016
Spread Construction Manager Pipelines (56 Turkey 16.04.2016
Operations / Commissioning Manager Polyethylene Russia 16.04.2016
Completion Superintendent India, approx. 60km from Bharuch 11.04.2016
Instrument Commissioning Superintendent Angola 11.04.2016
Mechanical Commissioning Superintendent Angola 11.04.2016
Warehouse / Material Control Supervisor the Netherlands 07.04.2016
Construction Quality Engineer the Netherlands 07.04.2016
Lead Pipelines Engineer UAE 05.04.2016
Subcontracts Administration Engineer UAE 05.04.2016
Lead Substation Project Engineer Nigeria, Branch Office in Abuja 30.03.2016
Commissioning, Start-Up & Production Superintendent (Refinery Extention works) Iran 30.03.2016
Draftsman (AutoCAD 3D) Iraq - Zubair Oilfield (Near Basrah) 10.03.2016
Construction Civil Supervisor UAE 08.03.2016
Construction Manager Pipelines (Onshore) UAE 08.03.2016
Construction Manager Offshore Pipelines UAE 08.03.2016
Construction Manager CPP UAE 08.03.2016
Construction Piping Superintendent UAE 08.03.2016
Construction HSE Manager Malaysia 03.03.2016
HSE Engineer Overhead Lines UAE 03.03.2016
Subcontracts Manager Egypt 02.03.2016
Construction Material Assistant - MARIAN Operator Caribbean 24.02.2016
HV Electrical and Cables Fitter and/or Supervisor Worldwide, mainly MENA and Europe 24.02.2016
Diesel Heavy Duty Mechanic Libya 19.02.2016
Site Administrator Libya 15.02.2016
HR Advisor Libya 15.02.2016
HR Manager Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 11.02.2016
Finance & Administration Manager Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 11.02.2016
Instrument Supervisor Construction Phase Russia 09.02.2016
Civil Works Supervisor Russia 09.02.2016
Material Engineer UAE, Abu Dhabi 02.02.2016
Commissioning Manager (Urea / Ammonia / Methanol) USA, Iowa State 26.01.2016
R&D Engineer for Boiler & Incinerator Switzerland + short project assignments possible 26.01.2016
Pipeline Project Interface Manager Mexico City - Mexico 26.01.2016
Pipeline Project Interface Manager Peru 26.01.2016
Lead Process Engineer Kazakhstan 23.01.2016
Finance Manager Branch Office Algeria, Hassi Messaoud 13.01.2016
High Voltage Motor Winder UAE - Abu Dhabi 07.12.2015
Operations Manager Ammonia Plants UK base country with overseas assignments 29.10.2015
Hr Coordinator Libya 19.10.2015
Pipeline Supervisor Kazakhstan 18.09.2015
Sub-Contracts Manager Saudi Arabia (Al Jubail greater area) 16.09.2015
GE Turbine Control Engineer Libya - Mellitah Gas Compression Station 14.09.2015
Site QA-QC Project Team Leader Indonesia - Jakarta Greater Area 21.08.2015
Site Contract Engineer Indonesia - Jakarta Greater Area 21.08.2015
Lead Planning Mechanical Engineer Indonesia - Jakarta Greater Area 21.08.2015
Lead Electrical, Instrument & Control System Engineer Indonesia - Jakarta Greater Area 21.08.2015
Deputy Commissioning Manager (Butyl rubber Plant) Saudi Arabia - Al Jubail 08.08.2015
Workshop Mechanic (Construction machineries & equipment) Libya - Mellitah (leave rota 60 :20) 03.08.2015
Various disciplines Vietnam (Vung Tau) 03.08.2015
Assistent /in Human Resources Zürich 30.07.2015
Shift Supervisor Production (Ammonia / Urea Plant) USA - Iowa State 29.07.2015
DCS / Panel Operators USA - Iowa State 29.07.2015
Plant Production Manager Turkey 29.07.2015
Pipeline Supervisor - Offshore UAE 29.07.2015
Cost Engineer in Procurement / Supply Chain Management Western Europe, German language skills beneficial 22.07.2015
Pipeline Welding Inspector (leave rota 75 : 20) Kazakhstan near Atyrau 10.07.2015
Project Manager Plant Revamping & Clusters Kazakhstan 10.07.2015
Project Director Power Transmission & Distribution and Substation Saudi Arabia 03.07.2015
Contracts & Scheduler Manager Nigeria - Warry 03.07.2015
Project Director Nigeria 03.07.2015
Site Manager Nigeria - Warry 03.07.2015
Procurement and Logistics Manager Nigeria - Warry or Ikeja 03.07.2015
Site Manager Hydropower Turkey 18.06.2015
4 Shift Superintendents Alumina Production Plant UAE 12.05.2015
Production Superintendent (Hydrate Operations) UAE 12.05.2015
Shutdown Planning Engineer UAE 12.05.2015
Manager DCS & Process Information System U.A.E. 12.05.2015
Pump Shop Manager Iraq (rotational job) 28.04.2015
Quantity Surveyor Civil Kazakhstan 21.04.2015
Cost Control Engineer Kazakhstan - Tengiz Area 20.03.2015
Electrical Engineer (HVDC Converter Station) Saudi Arabia 20.03.2015
Quantity Surveyor Mechanical/Piping Construction Kazakhstan 18.03.2015
Environmental Engineer (Air Quality Control) Saudi Arabia - Al Jubail City 16.03.2015
Commissioning Supervisor Gas Pipeline Nigeria - Port Harcourt 11.03.2015
Diesel Engine Mentor Oman 17.02.2015
Rotating Equipment Mentor Oman 16.02.2015
Project Manager - Hydropower Projects Zurich 03.02.2015
Site Manager - Civil and Mechanical Worlwide depending on the assigned project 27.01.2015
Contracts Manager Turkey - Ankara Branch Office 23.01.2015
QA-QC Manager Civil Works Kazakhstan - Tengiz Area 22.01.2015
QA-QC Manager Mexico 22.01.2015
Supply Chain Manager Dubai - UAE 20.01.2015
Country Manager Iraq- Zubair (near Basrah) 20.01.2015
HSE Manager Algeria (desert area approx. 1500 from the coast) 16.01.2015
Senior Consultant for Thermal Power Plant Studies & Environmental Engineering Switzerland, worldwide travel may be required 15.01.2015
Senior Dam Engineer Switzerland + worldwide travel required 15.01.2015
Senior Structural Engineer - Hydropower projects Switzerland + 20 to 30% worldwide travel may be required 15.01.2015
Field Service Engineer (Reciprocating Compressors) Worldwide (Base country Switzerland) 16.12.2014
Process Safety Engineer (Water Treatment Plant) Kazakhstan 09.12.2014
Project Controls Coordinator Republic of Congo - Pointe Noire 04.12.2014
Commissioning Manager (Gas Compression Station & Pipelines) Nigeria - Port Harcourt 01.11.2014
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