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For our Client, a leading construction company specialized in the construction of clusters of plants, pumping/compression & valves stations, metering systems, ancillary plants, equipment, flowlines & pipelines, storage systems etc., we are currently seeking a Project Manager for a Water Treatment Recovery Plant.
  Project Manager Water Treatment Recovery Plant
Work location
Type of work
October 2016 - June 2018, extendable
Start date
October 2016
Job description
Essential duties:
  • Proposes and implements the formation of a Project Group during the initial project phase; implement coordination of the project activities; act as the single point of contact with the Company; be the focal point for all project activities, resolve all issues related to the execution of the Project;
  • To be focal point for all project activities including engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning (as applicable) and retains the final responsibility for the execution of the Project. The PM represents the Company towards the Client and resolves all issues related to the implementation of the Project activities;
  • Performs an in depth review of the contract, the tender and bid documents. The Project Manager and his/her team look in depth at the contract's elements, understand the Scope of Work and endorse the CLIENT's needs and objectives, assimilating what has been defined in the commercial phase;
  • Puts in place the project team and structure by defining and implementing, in cooperation with the pertinent key personnel, the Project Organization Chart, the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and the project Execution Plan (PEP);
  • Acts as the single point of contact with the Client and ensures productive relations are maintained with Client Representatives within the Contract obligations;
  • Proposes the make-up of the Project Team and issue, in the project initial phase, the co-ordination procedure, even if only partial;
  • Ensures the development and the revision of the specific Project Execution Plan, monitors the progress of the project phases, in accordance with the scheduled times and the cost and quality estimates and objectives;
  • Establishes, with the Project Control Manager, a budget; monitors the costs against the budget, identifies and implements remedial actions in case of overrun; reports to the area \ corporates the results on regular base;
  • Ensures the correct allocation of the resources necessary for carrying on and completing the project;
  • Ensures that the level of performance is in accordance with the Contract specifications, that the costs fall within the estimate limits, and that the execution time of the project phases progresses as set down in the contract;
  • Keeps the appropriate communications with the Area Manager and the connections with the Units concerned in order to ensure an efficient project management.
  • Makes the critical revision of the contract. Asks, if necessary, for the assistance of the Commercial Unit to solve all disputes or to interpret the contract itself. Ensures that all aspects of the project are in accordance with the Client’s specifications and the company procedures and policies.
  • Ensures the preparation, implementation, and updating of the project Quality Plan and ensures that all project members are familiar with its contents.
  • Defines and organizes the utilization of the human resources, machinery, materials, Contractors, and anything else, plans the necessary procedures for the execution of the project.
  • Manages all contract negotiations with the Client, including additional work and variations. Carries out monitoring and produces reports on the project’s general performance.
  • Collaborates closely with the Managers of the administrative and financial Units for a regular updating of the state of the Client’s payments; indicates the most important contract deadlines and identifies the events that may cause delays in the payments.
  • Co-ordinates the requests for the construction activities with the Construction Manager and the Area Manager.
  • Implements the award and eventual management of the Subcontractors during all the project phases in order to ensure the conformity of the work with the contract specifications.
  • Works toward the technical close-out of the project in observance of the co-ordination requirements connected with the work progress.
  • Assists the Client during the warranty period.
  • Produces a project close-out report containing all significant information for future use by the company units concerned.
  • The Project Manager should have completed higher education on the specialty, which conforms to own activity and the work area of the organization.
  • The Project Manager should have a work experience in the specialty not less than 20 years, or work experience in the position of the deputy Project Manager not less than 5 year;
  • knowledge of English;
  • knowledge of the reference standards for the sector;
  • Capacities for Project Management and Works Planning and Programming
  • Capacities for identifying, managing and coordinating resources (human, vehicles and equipment)
  • Experience in structured organizations and in the management of human resources


To apply for this job please send your updated CV by e-mail at
ACZENTA International GmbH
Badenerstrasse 580
8048 Zürich - Switzerland
Phone +41 (0)44 342 30 10
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