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For the production activities in a large-scale fertilizer plant, we are seeking several Shift Supervisors for the production activities of ammonia & Urea.
  Shift Supervisor Production (Ammonia / Urea Plant)
Work location
USA - Iowa State
Type of work
7 to 10 Months
Start date
Job description

Essential duties:

  • He is responsible to maintain in operation under safe condition, and with a written instruction of the COM the plant/unit/equipment at the MCR or maximum efficiency point keeping the production or other detectable parameter at higher point. In case of trip or partial load, have to operate and remove the constraint and increase again the load.
  • To organize and manage the operations in field of the assigned team by controlling their job and the implementation of Plant Safety procedures in case of emergency.
  • To check that the safe conditions for maintenance teams are in place before issuing the Permit to Work.
  • He issues PTW (permits to work) and is responsible for the safety condition of the item being under maintenance applying the lockout procedure.
  • He must also apply all other safety procedures in compliance with Site Safety Plan.
  • With the change of the shift, the shift supervisor leaving the plant have to inform the coming shift supervisor about the plant condition and undergoing test or operations with written notice on the log book assuring the coming shift supervisor have a clear picture of the plant condition. 
  • After the synchronization tests, he has to manage, if necessary, the communication with the local electrical grid coordinator.
  • Overlaps his colleague to bring all remarks and happenings of the plant during his shift off.
  • Checks the plant in each one of its systems and especially in its running equipments to identify possible troubles.
  • Checks alarms and blocks on DCS alarm page.
  • Organizes normal assistance to the maintenance team during their job.
  • Reports his colleagues about any problems arose during his shift. (Any problems must be written in the control room logbook).
  • He is responsible for filling in the control room log book with all remarks needed about operation, maintenance, trip and incident occurred during the shift.
  • He reports to the Production Manager
  • at least 3+ years' experience in the same role in a Fertilizers (Ammonia / Urea) Production plant.
  • US Citizenship or US work permit highly desired
To apply for this job please send your updated CV by e-mail at
ACZENTA International GmbH
Badenerstrasse 580
8048 Zürich - Switzerland
Phone +41 (0)44 342 30 10
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