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For a Turnkey Construction Project of a Grain Milling Plant, our client is seeking an experienced Procurement & Logistics Manager to be assigned to Warry in Nigeria.
  Procurement and Logistics Manager
Work location
Nigeria - Warry or Ikeja
Type of work
1-3 years
Start date
Job description
  • Ensuring of Supply Chain Management related scope between tender team and project execution team
  • Reviewing and updating the purchasing strategy and the project specific sourcing concept
  • Verifying cost budgets and ensuring consistency between sourcing concept and project documents
  • Ensuring that suppliers meet all contractual requirements in regard to customs and duties as well as supplier quality / expediting has established the supplier monitoring-concept
  • Comments Mater Time Schedule (MTS) in regard to correct delivery and transportation times initially and signing it off when deemed acceptable for the process of procurement & logistics appreciating the project strategy
  • Establishing a monthly progress report, cost summary sheet and claim summary sheet
  • Technical education to University degree level or equivalent
  • Key technical know-how in commercial & contract management
  • Experience as Project Manager, Tender Project Manager, Senior Purchasing Manager or Sales Project Manager
  • Excellent knowledge of spoken and written English
  • Good understanding of legal/contractual aspects of an EPC contract
To apply for this job please send your updated CV by e-mail at
ACZENTA International GmbH
Badenerstrasse 580
8048 Zürich - Switzerland
Phone +41 (0)44 342 30 10
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